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Finding Information on the Internet

There is an incredible amount of information on the internet for families of children with disabilities. This site is an attempt to bring together a selection of some of the better resources on the Internet, organize them in an accessible manner, and provide brief annotations.

The site is divided into the following major categories, and the internet resources within each category are listed alphabetically:

Getting started

A page that lists sites that are good launching pads for further information and that provides resources for learning how to search for information on the internet.

The Laws

It is crucial to understand the laws that govern the rights of children with disabilities. This page provides links to sites that outline these laws, and also provides a list of websites of advocates.

Parent Sites

Some of the most valuable information can be found on sites sponsored by parents or by parent organizations. The links on this page are to national parent organizations. State and local parent organizations are sometimes the best resource for families. They can be located through your local parent training and information center (PTI).

Specific Disabilities

Links on this page will connect you to websites where you can find some information about a range of specific disabilities or a great deal of information about one particular one.


Under IDEA (the Individual with Disabilities Education Act), children with disabilities are entitled to a "free and appropriate public education" in "the least restrictive environment." The sites listed here can help you understand your child's rights, provide strategies for successful learning and link families to advocacy organizations. Information about inclusion is also available on this page.


There are hundreds of health-related internet sites. The ones on this page provide links to general health information, to medical databases, to information about rare diseases and disorders and to sites that can educate you on drugs and medication.

Mental Health

This page focuses on sites that provide information about mental, behavioral and conduct disorders, and includes links to mental health family support and advocacy organizations.

Transition to Adulthood

As children with disabilities approach adulthood, the issues of higher education, employment and independent living arise. Sites on this page provide information and support for families of youth with disabilities.


English language internet resources are plentiful. There are also resources for Spanish speaking families. This page contains links to sites which provide information in Spanish for families of children with disabilities.

About this Website

Please Note:This site does not include local or state resources. For information about resources close to your home, consult the nearest PTI (parent training and information center). PTIs are parent-run organizations that provide information, education, support and sometimes advocacy services to families of children with disabilities. For additional information about state resources, the Center for Parent Information and Resources has a list of PTI's in your state.

The listings included here are not comprehensive or exhaustive. Instead this site is meant to be a selective compilation of internet resources considered to be of value to families of children with disabilities seeking information. Although there are many websites not included here, that does not reflect their worth or value, only the limited time and resources of the compiler.

The resources on these pages are for your information. These listings are not necessarily comprehensive, nor are they an endorsement. If you find that any information is incorrect, if you would like to offer feedback or if you know of additional resources that may be helpful to include, please contact us.

This page was last updated July 16, 2014 .

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