10/13, 2e Private School Panel 2022

by | Oct 3, 2022 | Community Events, Education, Resource, Specific Disability

Oct 13, 2022, 7:00-8:30pm PST, Zoom link sent day before event
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Parents of 2e learners often have trouble finding an ideal learning environment for their child. One of the top questions asked of REEL is, “Should I put my child in private school?” The answer is: It depends! Join REEL partner Abby Kirigin to learn about the five non-negotiable elements of a school environment for 2e learners. Then hear from our panel of parents about their experiences weighing school options for their children; panelists Yang Chu and Karen Wang each have 2e children who have attended both public and private schools through the years. Local 2e school expert, Dr. Lisa White of Summit Center, will discuss clients experiences in private and public schools and answer your questions. Learn about the pros and cons of various learning environments, the signs it’s time to make a change, and the process of finding a good-fit school for your 2e learner.

*This event will not be recorded because it includes personal information from our panelists – a summary will be shared on our blog.

Insights from our past panels:

Chart of local schools and remote 2e options: https://tinyurl.com/REELPrivateSchoolsList