This Blog uses Categories to help you find what you are looking for:

Adaptations and Accessibility – tools and supports to help fill needs
Adult Services – programs for adults, like work, college, housing
Advocacy and Legal– both opportunities for how you can be an advocate, and how to find advocates to help you
Assessment and Screening – places to help if you suspect a disability
Community Resources – food pantries, support with voting, police, public library
Specific Disability– agencies for a specific disability, such as Prader Wili…
Early Childhood – Preschools, Early Start, baby toys
Education– K-12 Education, schools
Financial Assistance – charitable agencies with help for people with disabilities, can also be under Community Resources
Medical – Doctors and Hospitals
Insurance – Blue Cross, MediCAL, and so on
Mental Health and Behavior – this includes behavior like addiction, ABA will be under Therapies
Parent and Family Supports – Respite, Support groups
Planning for the Future – Estate Planning, trusts, wills, conservatorship
Recreation – clubs, sports and other fun
Therapies and Interventions – Speech, OT, PT, ABA and more

If you click one of these Categories links, you will see the posts that fit that category in the order they were posted. (most will be below this post in the beginning) You can either click the links in the body of this email or the links at the top of any blog posting to see posts that match that category.

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Items that have support in additional languages will be tagged with Spanish and Chinese tags. You an translate the blog to the language of your choice using the translation options in the top right corner of our website but the items you link to are in English unless tagged with the additional language tags.

Other categories used:
Opportunities for Input research surveys, petitions to sign and other ways to have input on issues related to disability. These may be time limited so it is helpful to check the date it was posted.
Events are definitely time limited and the date of the event will be included in the posting wherever possible.
Info Digest – we post links to the montly Info Digest emails here in 3 languages.