A group of researchers, including family members and teacher educators, is conducting a research project to learn more about transition planning/future planning experiences of young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) aged 16 and 22 and their families, such as mothers, fathers, siblings, or extended family members.

How does school understand and support your cultural backgrounds that may impact your child and family’s vision for the future? What suggestions and concerns do you have for school professionals when supporting young adults and family members to go through the transition planning process?

We believe that having the opportunity to learn how young adults and family members perceive and experience the transition planning process could be useful in identifying recommendations for improving the quality of teacher preparation and education policy and practice.

Please see the flyer for more specifics about the study, including participant inclusion criteria and study procedures. Participants who complete all participation tasks will receive a $20 gift card. Flyer in English and Flyer in Spanish

Research members speak English, Spanish, and Japanese. Please feel free to reach out to Mayumi by email at [email protected] or phone (715) 560-8545.