Decoding Dyslexia CA requests your support for SB237:K-2 Universal Screening for Risk of Dyslexia

by | May 19, 2021 | Accessibility, Assesment and Screening, Dyslexia, Early Childhood, Education, Social Justice

One of the bills before the California State Legislature is SB 237.

SB 237 will:

  • require schools to conduct K-2 annual universal screenings for risk of dyslexia;

  • require the State Board of Education (SBE) to adopt an approved list of culturally, linguistically and developmentally appropriate screening tools;

  • provide for the screening results and the California Dyslexia Guidelines to be made available to parents/guardians and teachers in a timely manner;

  • Allow for parents/guardians to “opt out” of universal screeniSB 237 will:


Decoding Dyslexia CA supports this bill and encourages you to sign a letter of support, at

Many states already have required universal screening for risk of dyslexia.  Students at risk of dyslexia can be reliably identified before they experience school failure. This low-cost investment helps ensure children have equitable access to an education and results in future savings to school and families for later academic remediation and support services.