3/1, Briefing on Strategy to Address National Mental Health Crisis

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In his first State of the Union address tonight, the President will outline a unity agenda consisting of policy where there has historically been support from both Republicans and Democrats, and call on Congress to send bills to his desk to deliver progress for the American people.

As part of the unity agenda, he will announce a strategy to address our national mental health crisis. Addressing this crisis is a priority for the Administration, and a personal commitment of the President. That’s why he’ll be laying out a comprehensive whole-of-government strategy to build system capacity, connect more people to care and provide support to Americans, especially kids, by fostering healthy environments in real-world and online.  For more information on this strategy, see this fact sheet and join the White House for a virtual briefing this afternoon via Zoom.

Briefing on Strategy to Address National Mental Health Crisis
Tuesday, March 1, 2022
3-3:30 pm ET
RSVP Here: https://pitc.zoomgov.com/webinar/register/WN_LhfvFMLfSIiGCUWzvM9W0A

You may submit questions ahead of time through the Zoom registration link. This call is off-the-record and not for attribution. You may share this invitation with any networks that would be interested in joining the call.
Please flag any statements or tweets you or your organization put out on this announcement, and be sure to tune into the State of the Union tonight at 9 pm ET.