9/19, Social Skills and the 2e Child (webinar)

by | Aug 26, 2022 | Community Events, Mental Health, Therapies

Mon, Sept 19, 7-8:30pm PST, Zoom

from REEL 2e Google Group

Social skills and social anxiety rank as a top concern for parents of 2e learners. Parents worry their child doesn’t have enough friends, doesn’t attend enough social events, or only engages socially online. Parents wonder if they should place their kids in a social skills class and/or schedule social activities for their children. Or maybe the 2e learner has asked their parents for support in making friends, but the parents aren’t sure where to start or how to support the process. Some 2e adults vociferously object to social skills classes for kids. What’s a parent to do?

Join three experts to discuss these complex challenges across the K-12 age range: Toni Ratzburg of Beacon Wellness will discuss elementary age social skills building blocks; Doug Ronning of Gamescape Center will address how D&D, LARP, and other role play games can be used for social experiences and coaching in an enjoyable, real-time way; and Dr. Hadley McGregor will discuss social skills strategies for older adolescents and young adults, drawing on her extensive experience including with the PEERS evidence-based program and her clinical practice. Join us to explore ways to support your 2e learner—and yourself—on their social journey.