Any Summer Camp or Afterschool Program can become a GGRC vendor for Personal Assistance Hours for children who need 1:1 support

How to apply

  1. Contact Susan Pirnes, [email protected]
  2. Tell her your camp wants to be a vendor (this means they can bill GGRC for hours spent providing approved support for GGRC clients)

Being a GGRC vendor lets the camp use any staff as 1:1 support when a camper has a need.
The paperwork takes time to file so applications made now will not be in place until next Summer Camp season, so please apply right now!

Click to Learn More about GGRC Vendorization

Some kids can only work with someone they know or who is already trained to support them.  What can camps do? 

Encourage any family with an aide they prefer, to ask them to go thru hiring with the camp.

This is also great for the 1:1 because they can get more hours than 1 family can provide, and the camp gets an additional amazing staff on their team who can be a great support for other kids who need 1:1