Case Management and
Social Work Services

Mental health resources and services are sometimes the most difficult for families to access, especially in times of crisis.  To ensure that families don’t fall through the cracks as they navigate complex agency assessment and intake processes, SFCD’s Social Workers provide case management and short term counseling to assist families to get connected.



To contact the Phoneline
or Social Worker staff call
The Support for Families Warmline
at (415) 920-5040

    Case Management and Social Work Services include:

    • Phoneline: Phone Line staff are all parents of children with a variety of disabilities and can share practical experiences. Talking with another parent can help reduce feelings of isolation and confusion. The family-to-family approach allows our program to reach out to offer preventative care and early intervention services to families whose children are at risk of developing severe mental illness. Parents and professionals can also email staff.
    • Consultation: Families and professionals working with children and families can obtain resources and consultation from staff.
    • Short-term Case Management: Clinical Social Workers and Family Resource Specialists can help families navigate mental health resources and insure that they do not get "lost" in complicated systems. Community referrals are researched to provide families with a choice of supports. Through a connection with Community Mental Health Children’s Division, the program works closely with the Mental Health ACCESS line to provide a smooth transition to other mental health services. We provide follow-up to insure that referrals are successful.
    • Short-term Counseling: Social Worker clinical staff may provide short-term counseling for individuals and families while they wait to access long-term support services.