We ensure that families, professionals and the community have access to knowledge they need about specific disabilities, navigating systems, current research, best practices for care, laws and regulations for family centered care and inclusion.  We make sure our efforts are focused on families building their capacity to be leaders, help each other, work collaboratively and have their voices heard.

Workshops, Clinics & Groups

Support for Families offers free educational workshops and clinics to help parents and professionals understand available resources and navigate systems of care.  With one weeks’ notice, childcare and interpretation services can be provided free of charge

2021 Information & Resource Conference 

The IRC is a FREE conference for families of children with disabilities and the professionals who work with them, hosted in partnership with SFUSD and the Community Advisory Committee on Special Education.

Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)

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As a Triple P Provider, Support for Families hosts 12-week parenting courses that follow the Triple P curriculum. Triple P uses the things you already say, think, feel, and do in new ways that:

  • Increase the behaviors you like

  • Deal positively, consistently and decisively with problem behavior

  • Build positive relationships with your children

  • Plan ahead to avoid or manage potentially difficult situations

  • Take care of yourself as a parent

Parent Mentor Program (PMP)

The Parent Mentor Program provides training to parents/guardians of children with disabilities who volunteer to be matched with other parents to offer support and resources on an individualized basis. Parent Mentor Volunteers also serve on speaking panels and attend outreach events. 
Trainings include: Parent to Parent Support, Special Education Series and Project Leadership.

Special Needs Inclusion Project

SNIP helps San Francisco out-of-school time programs create environments that are welcoming and inclusive for ALL children, both with and without disabilities.  SNIP does not diagnose children; rather, we seek to support programs to ensure that all children are able to participate successfully.  We accomplish this through on-site program observation and coaching, individual and group consultation, staff training and inter-agency collaboration.  

Visit the SNIP website to learn more.

San Francisco Inclusion Networks (SFIN)

San Francisco Inclusion Networks provides professional development that supports the inclusion of young children with disabilities and their families in San Francisco’s early care and education programs. Visit the SFIN website to learn more.