For Early Care and Education Providers

We can help support Early Childhood Inclusion

Support for Families’ Early Educations and Inclusion Team works with early care and education providers to support children at their sites to implement a whole classroom, inclusive approach to early intervention. This collaborative planning process leads to the review and confirmation of screening results and the subsequent drafting and implementation of child support plans and other interventions at a classroom level.

We Support Sites with Screening

We provide training and support for universal developmental screening practices, such as the ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE, to help ensure that all young children in early care and educational settings have timely access to screenings before kindergarten.

We Help With Families

We provide training and support towards building relationships with families, communicating developmental concerns and providing assistance regarding overall family support, referral navigation, and linkage to longer-term early intervention service pathways, as needed.



Assistive Technology

Child Development and Disability

Curriculum - Preschool

Environment in the Classroom

Health and Safety

All resources in this section were created by the California Childcare Health Program.

  • Medication Administration Form
    This permission form can by used by child care providers to obtain authorization to administer medicine to a child in their care and to outline the program’s policy on administering medicine to children in their program. Also available in Spanish.

  • Nutrition & Feeding Care Plan
    This form can be used by child care providers to collect information on the diet and feeding needs of a child in their care.

  • Special Health Care Plan
    This form can be used by child care providers to create a health care plan that addresses the health care concerns of a child in a child care program.
    Also available in Spanish.



Partnership with Families

Positive Behavioral Supports

Screening and Assesment

Social Emotional Development

Speech and Language Development

Teaming and Collaboration