Workshop 2 – 11:20am-12:20pm

All workshops are presented in English with Spanish and Cantonese interpretation provided unless otherwise notice. Additional options for language interpretation support is available if you register for workshops by April 23rd

Workshop Session 2 (11:20am-12:20pm)

Individual Education Plan (IEP) Communication Best Practices

Track: Navigating Services

Do you ever get the sense that communication among Individual Education Plan (IEP) team members (yourself/case managers/school staff) that support your child is strained? Do you wonder how you can change that dynamic and clearly share your thoughts about the IEP? This workshop will focus on best practices for effectively communicating your child’s needs with the rest of the IEP team, so that the focus can be on supporting your student!

Presenters: Laura Benghal, Attorney, Mediator and Investigator with Law Office of Laura Benghal and San Francisco Bar Association and Tonya Saheli, Mediator with Saheli Arbitration and Mediation and San Francisco Bar Association


Getting Ready for 18 – Conservatorships

Track: Planning for the Future

Did you know that in order to maintain the legal rights to make important decisions concerning your child’s residence, medical treatment and education after age 18, you must be appointed conservator by a judge? And if you’re not there, who is going to be there to support your child? Do you have a plan? Conservatorship is an important step for some families of a child with special needs transitioning into adulthood. This workshop will provide an overview of what conservatorship entails and the steps necessary for being appointed a conservator through the local courts.

Presenter: Alexis Lynch, Attorney at Law Office of Alexis Lynch


Youth Mental Health 101-An Introduction to How Parents Can Support their Children; presented in English with Cantonese interpretation

Track: Health and Social/Emotional Wellness

(Presented in English with Cantonese interpretation)

This presentation will provide parents and caregivers with an overview of youth mental health issues, including prevalence and warning signs to look for, and ideas for how to support your child/teen. The presentation will be facilitated by a parent who has experience raising a child with a mental health condition along with a young adult who is living with a condition. Q&A at the end of the session will provide time for attendees to ask questions and links to resources for ongoing support will be included.

Presenters: Mark Magat, Youth Presenter with National Alliance on Mental Illness-SF (NAMI-SF) and Tamuri Richardson, Parent Presenter with National Alliance on Mental Illness-SF (NAMI-SF)


Negotiating the Educational System: Self-Advocacy for Families of Students with Disabilities:
Unique Challenges for Students of Color

Track: Equity

The importance of a family support system in the education of our children can never be underestimated, particularly when they are children of color with disabilities. All too often, as families struggle to handle the complexity of their own lives, they believe that if they place them in the right district, the right school, the right program and the right classroom that they will receive the services to which they are entitled without our continuing vigilance. This presentation will share some of the experiences that students of color and their families typically may encounter as well as to help families to understand the basic meetings in which they will participate so that they can become more effective advocates for their children.

Presenter: Dr. Mary Bacon, Educational Consultant at Pacific Educational Group, Inc.


Strategies for Literacy

Track: Academic Support

Are you concerned your child might have dyslexia? Come to this workshop to find out what kind of testing needs to happen to identify dyslexia in children and what you as a parent can do and where you can ask the school to help.

Presenter: Kelli Sandman-Hurley, Co-founder of Dyslexia Training Institute


Panel Discussion: Community Recreation Resources for Kids with Disabilities

Track: Joy and Fun

Recreation options are especially important to help keep our kids healthy and connected to their peers! Learn what year-round, local recreation options exist for kids with disabilities. Representatives from organizations such as The Pomeroy Center, Special Olympics and KEEN will share information about opportunities they provide.

Moderator: JoAnna Van Brusselen, Bilingual Education Coordinator at Support for Families

Panelists: Melissa Rushefski, Executive Director at Kids Enjoying Exercise Now; Rick Smith, Executive Director at Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program; Matt Snyder, Director of Youth and Clinical Services; Sasha Trope, Senior Manager for Urban Schools and Youth Programs at Special Olympics Northern California 


For Early Childhood Professionals: Benefits of Inclusion & Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Track: Early Childhood Professionals

Universal Design for Learning is an approach that supports the diversity of children in Early Childhood settings to access, engage, participate, and express themselves in all learning opportunities. Participants of this training will explore the idea of belonging as a key element of inclusion and learn, practice and apply the concepts of UDL to ensure programs are able to meet the diverse needs of young children in their programs. Please note this training will be interactive and may use break-out rooms.

Presenters: Robby Martinez, Help Me Grow Inclusion Specialist at Support for Families and Kerrie Perrata, Help Me Grow Inclusion Special at Support for Families and Inclusion/Education Team Lead