Our Strategic Framework

by | Feb 4, 2022 | SFCD Promo | 0 comments

“Over the next year, we aim to shift the power to the disability community by creating a shared vision centered on human dignity and implemented through a lens of racial equity, diversity, and inclusion.”

Support for Families is at a place of transition, recognizing significant inequities of power and access, problems that exist in how we engage with families from historically excluded communities, and general barriers to accessing wider resources in the communities that we partner with and serve.

This strategic guide was created to address these systemic injustices using a lens of racial equity, diversity, and inclusion that introduces the process, tools, resources, and strategies that when used consistently, will help build to create and sustain equity and inclusion within our organization, with the communities we serve, and our partners.

This framework shows how we will create goals and objectives, and identify how each of the goals and objectives impact at multiple levels, starting at the individual levels, interpersonal levels, within Support for Families, within our community, and at the institutional level. We will evaluate our outcomes. And then we will assess, give feedback to tune what we offer, adjust and improve. We will keep iterating on this process until we achieve our vision, on an intentional cycle of improvement.