Research Creates Artificial E-scooter Sound for Increased Pedestrian Safety

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Accessibility, Specific Disability

Researchers will explore the impact of different tones on users and the public across Europe, working with international blind associations. Photograph: PR image

Scientists in the UK are working towards creating a universal sound for e-scooters and vehicles that are silent and/or hard to hear so that people can be able to detect when they are near. The silent motor of E-scooters creates a safety hazard to people who are expected to hear them approaching. As of recently, Scientists at the University of Salford have been working with the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB), and the E-scooter company Dott, have been working on creating an artificial motor sound for the scooters to make that depends on the thrust and speed that they are going at. 
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