Joan Cassel Memorial Library

Located at Support for Families, 1663 Mission St., Suite 700
Our library is open anytime the office is open to the public, including during in-person workshops

Library items are now available by mail!
Use the online catalog, add items to your BOOK BIN and email the request to [email protected]

Books & Media

Support for Families maintains an extensive collection of resources for families and professionals comprised of multi-lingual books, reference materials, and media related to children with disabilities and special health care needs. 


Staff and volunteers choose toys that support inclusion, are sensory-friendly, and are designed to promote healthy development in order to help families choose appropriate toys for their child

Early Literacy Kits

Explore early literacy with your child through Support for Families’ Early Literacy Kits, located in our Early Literacy cabinet! Each Literacy Kit features a variety of tools to involve parents/guardians and their children in the promotion of reading and early literacy, including books, toys, activities. We have kits for ages 0-18 months, 18-36 months, or 3-5 years, available in English/Spanish and English/Chinese.

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The library is open to families and professionals with free borrowing privileges.

Books, toys, and kits are now available by mail, starting June 1, 2021, as well as available for pickup any time you are in our offices.

Use the online Library Catalog, add books to your book bin and email the request, along with your postal address and return email address, to [email protected]. Your books will be mailed to you.

Keep them as long as they are useful and then either mail them back or bring them to the office.