San Francisco’s Digital Divide – call to action

by | Mar 10, 2022 | Accessibility, Adult Services, Basic Needs, Opportunities for Input | 0 comments

San Francisco Can (and Must) Do Better
Despite being a recognized leader in the technology sector, far too many people in the City lack equitable access to technology. In this year’s “Keep Us Connected” Campaign (the Pandemic Edition), we are asking San Francisco policymakers to recognize that access to the internet is no longer a “nice thing to have,” but a universal human right. Older adults and people with disabilities need internet access, devices, digital literacy training, tech support, assistive technology.
We are asking for $3.5 million a year for two years (2022-2024) to strengthen and expand SF Connected Programs beyond current baseline funding to close the digital divide for people with disabilities, older adults, and other impacted communities. The Keep Us Connected 2022 Campaign builds on the recent findings from the 2021 Empowered San Francisco Technology Needs Assessment and a march of other current needs assessments. It could be part of the COVID-19 Recovery Plan through the Dept. of Disability and Aging Services.
Click HERE for a flyer and a more detailed summary of what these funds could pay for.
Sign the petition to show your support here – in English, Spanish, Chinese or Tagalog.