Seeking Family Input on Covid materials for Children with Intellectual or Physical Disabilities

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Accessibility, Opportunities for Input

Photo from CDC “Don’t wait, get tested”

The Henne Group is looking for family input on Covid materials for children with intellectual or physical disabilities, to develop effective communication materials about COVID-19 that meet your child’s needs. 

Focus groups and interviews with parents or caregivers of children 5-12 years old will take place in September and October 2022. This research is sponsored by CDC and all information is confidential.

Anyone interested may follow the link below to fill out a questionnaire. We will use this information to determine who is eligible to participate in either an upcoming focus group or individual interview. Focus groups will last 90 minutes and participants will receive a $100 gift card, individual interviews will last 45 minutes and participants will receive a $75 gift card.