2 New Groups & the Return of 2 Favorites at Support for Families!

We are so excited to let everyone know about 2 new groups and the return of 2 favorites at Support for Families!  Check out the brief descriptions below, and click Learn More for more information.

New Groups:

Everyday Literacy: A Parent Child Play & Learn Group - Tuesdays in October, 11:30am - 12:30pm

You and your child (4-6 years old) are invited to explore easy, fun ways to bring literacy into your family’s everyday life.  Together, children and their grown-ups will practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through interactive stories, songs, and play. In this nurturing environment there will also be opportunities to make new friends and observe and discuss children’s behavior.  Wherever your child is on their journey (early reader, late talker, pre-verbal, AAC, ASL, etc.), please join us! Caregivers and typically developing children and children with special needs are all welcome.

ASL Support Group - 2nd Thursdays 6pm - 8pm 

Are you struggling with communicating with your child? Do you feel that you need more resources to understand Deaf Culture? How do you make the right choices for your child who is deaf/hard of hearing? Do you want to learn American Sign Language to communicate better with your child? ASL Support Group will help you try to bridge the gap between hearing parents and professionals in understanding some of the strug-gles you face when communicating with your child.

Returning Favorites:

Baby Massage - Thursdays, 10am - 11am (5-week series, beginning October 5th)

Come learn the healing tradition of infant massage, in a supportive and relaxed environment. Parents will learn how to massage their baby, increase bonding and communication, and discover the many benefits of infant massage. Each week we will learn new, nurturing strokes, and ways to sooth and comfort baby. The instructor will teach using a doll and will tailor the class to meet the unique needs and preferences of each parent-infant pair. Everyone will receive a free “starter” bottle of massage oil.
All you need to bring is a soft blanket or towel, so that your baby has a soft place to lay while you provide the massage. We will be sitting on the floor for much of the class, so feel free to wear comfortable clothing.

Play, Learn Connect - Mondays, 11am - 12pm (5-week series, beginning October 30th)

This group will give parents/caregivers an opportunity to step out of busy daily routines, to play and learn with their children ages 0 to 3.  It is an opportunity for your to meet with other families, to explore and discuss what our children tell us through play.  We will watch together, be curious together, and we will learn about areas of children's social/emotional development and consider possible meanings of behavior.