Domestic Violence Awareness Month

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

Sometimes parents and caregivers of children with disabilities are subject to violence at the hands of their own children.  Regardless of the intent of the child the struggles many families face, namely violence within their own homes, is not included in the conversation our country has about domestic violence. 

Child to Parent Violence (CPV) is a very real problem and it is critical that legislators hear from families and include CPV in the national domestic violence conversation.  Feel free to send in your own letter or simply send the letter below to your local, regional, and national lawmakers.

For more information about Child to Parent Violence https://www.facebook.com/groups/CoalitionforHealingCD/

Sample Letter:

Dear BLANK, 

My name is BLANK and I am writing to you in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month as well as the upcoming deadline of December 7th, 2018 when the current version of the Violence Against Women Act is set to expire. 

The current version of the Violence Against Women Act is a wonderful start, but as it is written fails to include a great many victims of violent domestic abuse, namely parents and caregivers of children who are violent. 

The violence may be intentional as with children with Conduct Disorder (a precursor to Antisocial Personality Disorder) often with the goal of killing siblings or parents.  The violence might be unintentional as with violent outbursts experienced by those caring for children with Autism or PANDAS (a strep infection of the brain). 

Whether the violence is intentional or not, the fact remains that far too many households across our great nation are subject to violence at the hands of our children. 

As it stands now, nearly all services for victims of Domestic Violence require that the victim be an "intimate partner" in order to access those services.  Parents (usually mothers) are constantly turned away from hotlines, shelters, or other services because the person abusing them is not an adult sexual partner.

 There are countless numbers of children deemed "too violent" for inpatient treatment and are are sent back to their homes to be violent there, where there are no staff members versed in violence and trauma.

 This form of parental hell has a name:  Child to Parent Violence (CPV).

 It is high time CPV was included in the conversation of what we "know"

Domestic Violence to be.  Siblings can be preyed upon by their own flesh and blood.  Parents can be abused and hospitalized by their own children.

Family pets can be purposefully mangled, sexually abused, and/or killed. 

I am asking you to step up the Domestic Violence conversation in this country and ask for clinician and hotline staff training to include CPV.

Domestic Violence is Domestic Violence no matter who the perpetrator. 

Thank you very much for your time and consideration of this matter.