We ensure that families have a safe place to express their feelings, lessen their sense of isolation, share strategies and learn about services and resources.



Families and providers are encouraged to call, email, or drop by our office to access information, resources, referrals and guidance. Family Resource Specialists provide information in English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Families have access to a library and other materials as well as a computer on site, where staff members are available to help them find online resources.


Social Work practitioners provide multi-lingual, multi-cultural case management and counseling.

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Peer Groups help families find solutions to challenges, learn advocacy skills, explore resources, and gain strength by sharing experiences with peers.  All support groups are free of charge.  Childcare is available free of charge with one weeks' advanced notice.


Special Family Events not only encourage families to come together and network, but also focus on fun and celebration for children with disabilities, their siblings, and friends.  Events include Movie Nights, Family Access Day, Access to Adventure and Ice Skating


Parents or guardians of children with special needs can be matched with a trained volunteer Parent Mentor who can provide one-on-one peer support and information.