The Health of Parents of Children Diagnosed with Autism

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Opportunities for Input, Specific Disability

Parents of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder experience many challenges as they navigate an autism spectrum disorder and seek to prioritize their own health during their journey. The relationship a parent has with themselves and their internal thoughts can further complicate the experience and either hinders or helps a parent to take care of their own health.

Rutgers school of nursing is seeking parents and primary caregivers of children who have a confirmed diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder interested in participating in a new study to gauge and answer questions about how levels of stress and self-compassion influence a parent’s health. Participants will be asked to complete a 20-minute online survey. 

Please click here for more information about the study: 2022 health of parents and self compassion flyer

Direct access to the survey can be found here: