Trauma-Informed Resources for Students and School Staff

by | May 31, 2022 | Education, Emergency

See helpful information and lesson plans at Sharemylesson

Schools, especially those which subscribe to trauma-informed practices, are often the most important places in a community for educators, students, and parents to receive support when a crisis occurs; our schools provide a familiar environment where the needs of students, their families, and faculty can be met in one place. In the aftermath of a recurring and terrifying theme of cowardly acts of violence against the men, women and children of countless schools across the country, the American Federation of Teachers’ “Share My Lesson” has selected lesson plans, webinars, and go-to guides for educators and the wider community to help grieving and fearful students cope in the aftermath of a tragic event or recent trauma. We believe it is best left to the discretion of teachers and parents when it comes to speaking to students about the news. Visit this collection of trauma-informed free resources, and see our Today’s News Tomorrow’s Lesson for news resources designed for students on recent tragedies.

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