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The Arc is thrilled to announce the launch of El Arc de California, a statewide advocacy effort specifically for and by California’s Spanish-speaking intellectual and developmental disability community. Our community continues to face many challenges and El Arc de...

如何重複使用 N95/KN95 口罩

N95 and KN95 masks provide the best protection but they can be expensive.  Did you know, you can re-wear a mask after you have stored it in a paper bag for a few days? It's true, according to the CDC and multiple experts.

康復權——適用於 COVID-19 檢測呈陽性的 SF 家庭

This program provides 2 weeks (80 hours) of minimum wage replacement to any worker in San Francisco who tests positive for COVID-19. This relief is open to anyone, regardless of immigration status. https://oewd.org/employees-impacted-covid-19Questions? Email the...

2/3 或 2/15,就 COVID-19 疫苗接種尋求發育障礙兒童父母的焦點小組

Family Voices and the American Academy of Pediatrics want to know what families think about COVID-19 vaccinations for their children and youth with developmental disabilities. There will be 2 Focus Groups: Feb. 2 at 12 pm PT AND Feb. 15 at 4 pm PTIf interested, please...